Additional Capacity for City Deep

Conveniently situated to the east of Johannesburg, Commercial Cold Storage in City Deep announced the completion in December 2008 of an expansion programme for 5 200 additional pallet positions and the opening of a new state-of-the-art mobile racked room.

The stand-alone facility has been built on the property adjacent to the main facility which CCS purchased in 1996. The main freezer room has been designed to cater for large 2 meter high pallets weighing 1.2 tons each. This brings the total capacity of the store to just under 21 000 pallet positions.

In mid-December the company also commissioned an additional two blast freezers with freezing capacity for 60 tons of product per day in addition to the previous 50 ton capacity on site – sufficient to meet present customer demand.

With energy efficiency being high on the priority list, two energy efficient Grasso multi stage screw compressors were installed. Additional energy saving condensing capacity, to reduce the plants’ working pressures, was fitted. Inside the mobile-racked room the latest automated low-energy lighting systems, using 250 watt bulbs, compared to the previous 1 000 watt bulbs, are used. These are a few of the energy saving systems in place. Should the company experience short term load shedding, the facility is fitted with a small standby generator to maintain the lighting and the use of the mobile racking. Electrical power to the refrigeration plant for longer term power failures would be supplied via a much larger rented generator.

(above) L Haywood attends to the new compressor.