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Circular to Oceana Shareholders 22 January 2021

General Meeting Change of Time 19 March 2018

Circular to Oceana Shareholders 16 March 2018

Circular to Oceana Shareholders – 19 November 2007

Oceana Group Limited

Circular to Oceana Shareholders

Relating to:

The specific repurchase by Oceana, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Oceana Brands, of 2,615,093 Oceana shares from Khula in terms of sections 85 and 89 of the Companies Act;

And incorporating:

– a notice of general meeting of Oceana shareholders; and

– a form of proxy in respect of the general meeting of Oceana shareholders (for use by holders of certificated shares and holders of dematerialised shares with “own name” registration only).

Date of issue: Monday 19 November 2007

Investment bank and sponsor: Standard Bank

Independent reporting accountants: Deloitte & Touche

Corporate law adviser: Fairbridges Attorneys