Announcement by Oceana CEO Andrew Marshall on 25 April 2006:

Last year when announcing Oceana’s listing for the first time on the JSE SRI Index, we said that we hoped to improve our position on this index, which was a first for the fishing industry. Today, I am proud to announce that Oceana has performed extremely well on the JSE SRI Index listing for 2006. The JSE launched this index in May 2004 in recognition of listed companies who have made positive strides with regard to economic, environmental and social sustainability within their organisations.

As we had worked towards and hoped for, not only has Oceana maintained its listing on the JSE SRI Index but we have considerably improved our position. Oceana’s improvement has placed us in the top 6, of which there are 31, of the high environmental impact companies on this index. This was announced by the JSE on 25 April 2006. This is a great achievement for Oceana and an achievement of which we can be very proud of.

Admission to and maintaining a listing is awarded to companies which fulfil certain demanding criteria set by the JSE in relation to the triple bottom line, namely; economic, environmental and social sustainability with the principle of corporate governance common to all three elements. Oceana has performed exceptionally well in all these elements thus resulting in the huge improvement for us on this index.

Further details of the criteria required for the JSE listing are contained in the JSE SRI Index press release and JSE SRI Index Top Performers – download from PDF.