The Oceana Group has handed over interactive digital white-boards called, “smart boards”, to three schools along the Cape West Coast to facilitate ongoing transformation in the fishing communities within which it operates. The boards are geared towards changing the way educators interact with learners and provide the ultimate classroom solution, especially in schools where books and computers are scarce.

According to the Oceana Group’s Sustainability Manager, Titania Stefanus-Zincke, the decision to provide the schools with fully-functioning smart boards followed an extensive review of the company’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme last year. She says, “The review informed our decision to refocus all CSI contributions to ensure they yield maximum benefit for the West Coast fishing communities where the need for increased social investment, particularly in the area of education, is evident.”

Stefanus-Zincke explains that a smart board connects to a computer loaded with special software and projector, which Oceana Group has also purchased on behalf of the schools. The board allows teachers to display images and videos to make lessons more appealing for visual learners; include hands-on activities for kinaesthetic learners; use sound to engage auditory learners; and offer students with special needs more effective ways to manipulate information. “If you consider the degree to which the world has become digital in just about every way imaginable, we would be doing learners a disservice by not offering sound digital education to better equip them for the realities of a harsh job market,” said Stefanus-Zincke. “Schools in these communities are generally under-resourced and would never be able to have access to innovations such as these. As the largest employer in these communities, the Oceana Group places great importance on ensuring the future of these young South Africans.”

Senior management and employees of the company, who have children enrolled at the relevant schools, attended hand-over ceremonies at the PW de Bruin Primary School in Lamberts Bay, St Helena Bay primary in St Helena Bay, and the Sentinel Intermediate School in Hout Bay on the 26th and 27th of September 2011.

For more information, kindly contact OGL Communications Manager, Anthea Abraham:aabraham@oceana.co.za.