South Africa’s most empowered JSE listed company, Oceana Group Limited, has spent almost half a million rand on the refurbishment of a primary school in Gelvandale. Oceana Group is also the largest fishing company in South Africa, with its Eastern Cape squid operations based in Port Elizabeth.

Oceana Group is passionate about giving back to the communities in which it operates. Identifying a school within a deserving community such as Gelvandale, where some of our employees’ children attend school, allows Oceana to share the value created through the conversion of fishing rights.

Established in 1967, Papenkuil primary school is where 764 pupils attend class daily, along with their 26 teachers. Now, thanks to Oceana Group, the school has been given a facelift.

The work was completed in two phases over the past year and included

  • fencing the perimeter of the school’s property to ensure the safety of the pupils,
  • cleaning and painting of the roof and, exterior walls,
  • replacement and painting of window frames. And
  • the girls and boys bathrooms were completely renovated, with brand new tiling.
  • For school principal, Neil Deerling, the refurbishment of the school is the realisation of a long-held dream.

“Since my appointment at the school more than 10 years ago it has been a dream of mine to have the school painted as it is such a landmark in the community. When Oceana came to the school with the offer I was very excited as this was much needed by the school,” said Mr Deerling. “Now that the school is painted the kids and teachers are more positive about coming to a place which looks so much better.”

The R488 000 renovations form part of the Oceana Group’s CSI strategy, implemented by the Oceana Foundation, which seeks to give back to the communities in which it operates. The Oceana Foundation has donated minibuses, feeding kitchens and refurbished schools in various coastal communities in the Western Cape since its inception in 2012.

“Some of the pupils at Papenkuil primary are the children of our employees, so we are proud to make an investment which improves their learning environment and makes their school a more pleasant place to spend their days,” said Oceana Group’s CEO, Francois Kuttel.



  • Incorporated in 1918, Oceana Group is the largest fishing company in SA and consists of a number of operating subsidiaries in the fishing and commercial cold storage industries. Oceana’s core fishing business includes the catching, processing, marketing and distribution of canned fish, fishmeal, fish oil, lobster, horse mackerel, squid and hake. Its main operations are located in South Africa, namely St Helena Bay, Lambert’s Bay, Hout Bay, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and in Walvis Bay in Namibia.
  • Oceana is listed on both the Johannesburg (JSE) and Namibian (NSX) stock exchange.
  • The group employs more than 3,000 people in SA and Namibia.
  • Oceana has been independently verified by an accredited rating agency as a black-owned Level 2 BEE contributor with 98.39 points
  • Oceana’s Empowerment Trust holds 11.7% of the ordinary shares in Oceana Group Limited. Currently 2,650 employee beneficiaries, including those no longer in the group’s employ, hold participatory rights to 14,2 million shares in Oceana. These beneficiaries live across South Africa, in towns like Doring Bay and Lambert’s Bay in the Northern Cape; St Helena Bay, Hout Bay and Cape Town in the Western Cape; Humansdorp and Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape; Durban and Johannesburg.
  • Oceana ranked 1st in the most empowered JSE listed companies’ survey in 2014, up from 2nd in 2013, 4th in 2012. It was ranked 17th overall in the Financial Mail/Empowerdex Top Empowerment Companies survey in 2011, up from 32nd position in 2010.
  • Oceana initiated discussions that led to the establishment of FishSA to encourage responsible business practices within, and protect the reputation of, the fishing industry.
  • Oceana is a founder member of the Responsible Fisheries Alliance (RFA) which is the first alliance of its kind in the history of South African marine conservation. The Alliance is a bid to achieve the common goal of ensuring that all stakeholders understand and support the implementation of an Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries (EAF) management in South Africa’s fisheries. Oceana is committed to and supports responsible fishing practices and catches only species that are managed on a sustainable basis.


  • Is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Oceana Group
  • Offers employment to over 100 employees who are sea and land based
  • Black owned with black ownership significantly higher than the average of the squid sector
  • Is a level 1 B-BBEE contributor