During 2005, Oceana’s CEO Andrew Marshall announced that, for the next four years, Oceana would be partnering and supporting TSiBA, the Tertiary School in Business Administration, based in Mowbray, Cape Town.

TSiBA is based on the successful CIDA City Campus in Johannesburg which was established five years ago in Johannesburg’s city centre. It is the first “replication” of CIDA outside of Johannesburg. TSiBA will provide a high quality, holistic education, free to selected students.

CIDA City Campus is the first virtually ‘free’ higher university level education institution in South Africa for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. It offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree accredited by the SA Qualifications Board and the Council for Higher Education. Leading corporates, industry bodies and professional institutes have been involved in the design, delivery and accreditation of the degree programmes. CIDA has a unique teaching programme for students who teach for university credit in their communities each holiday. Over the next few years it is anticipated that CIDA will reach up to two million youth per annum in over 1000 villages in South Africa.

Historically disadvantaged students in the Western Cape, who in the past had little chance of attaining a tertiary education, now have an opportunity to obtain a degree through TSiBA. The institution will open its doors to 80 students from the start of next year offering a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, which has been fully accredited by the Council on Higher Education. All students at TSiBA are on a full tuition scholarships.

TSiBA pays special attention to developing entrepreneurial skills and aims to act as an incubator that will assist young entrepreneurs to overcome their start-up problems. There is a focus on creating a culture of “paying it forward” where students are encouraged “to pay” for the privileges afforded by TSiBA by teaching in their communities during their vacations and helping to manage the campus. Once they have graduated and are working, they contribute to the scholarship of another student. In this way, TSiBA will become self sustaining.

At Oceana, our entrepreneurial spirit is interwoven in our business philosophy. We believe it is a critical element of Oceana’s success, as it has been at CIDA. We have identified TSiBA as an organization which places a similar value on developing entrepreneurs.

The Group’s involvement with TSiBA is hands on. Our CEO Andrew Marshall, HR manager Jane Wilkinson and Blue Continent executive Simon Cummings run the second year management course for students by lecturing as well as setting and marking all tests and assessments.

Through our association with TSiBA, we are entitled to nominate at least three students for scholarships – this invitation is extended annually to all staff to consider whether a family member or dependent may be eligible to apply for a full tuition scholarship to TSiBA.

Prospective TSiBA students are required to have matric and complete a means test to determine whether they qualify for free tuition. Applications are invited during June or July each year for the next academic year and are to be submitted directly to TSiBA.